Our committees are a way for you to stay engaged with the county party. If you are interested in joining one of our committees, inquire at one of our monthly meetings, events, or through the Contact Us page.


CommitteE Chair: Chris McCurry

The COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE maintains this website and LCDP’s social media. Members write and distribute a monthly newsletter and meeting reminders, pen the occasional letter to the editor, and serve as the interface between LCDP and news media.


CommitteE Chair: (vacant)

The FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE is tasked with seeking out sources of income for LCDP. Monies raised through this committee’s efforts are used for LCDP’s operating expenses, and to assist Democratic candidates.


COMMITTEE Chair: will leaphart

The OUTREACH COMMITTEE seeks out and recruits potential candidates for public office. This committee also helps identify opportunities for membership growth and community involvement.


Committee chair: (vacant)

The PROGRAMS COMMITTEE is in charge of event planning. Sourcing venues and hosts for fundraisers, and managing LCDP’s enrollment in community activities—such as festival parades and booths—are examples of this committee’s important work.